Due to a stale R&D pipeline and a lack of marketing support for new product launches, there was an internal desire to identify a "breakthrough" product that disrupted the category.  The new CEO, Jim Kilts, was committed to this end goal.


EUREKA II® New Product Optimization software, determined that Venus® was 3 times "par-share" effectiveness compared to other competitors and the forecasted revenue in year 2 was  ~$200 million (which was later validated to be 98% accurate). This revenue projection was contingent upon spending the appropriate levels of marketing/ advertising dollars as recommended by our software and reacting to competitor responses as mapped out by our built-in gaming simulator.


Management was excited about the market potential of Venus and supported it's introduction with heavy marketing spending based on our recommended marketing mix levels.  Venus® success was instrumental in the turnaround for Gillette, leading to its sale to P&G for $57 billion.

Your work determined the level of critical introductory support required for a breakthrough, innovative product like Venus...which contributed to the Gillette turnaround.
— Mr. Jim Kilts, CEO (Vice-Chairman, P&G); Gillette