Levi's Strauss & Co. have iconic brands ingrained in American folklore, but fell behind the competition. They went from $7.1 Billion Revenue in 1996 to $4.1 Billion in 2001 - losing almost half their business. With brands struggling to retain shelf space and younger shoppers defecting to other denim brands, Levi's was looking for a way to better manage their portfolio and innovate new products - especially in their women's line.


Our HONEYCOMB℠ software provided a blueprint for the entire U.S. apparel market - prioritizing market sizing opportunities and innovation/ renovation spaces for the entire Levi's brand portfolio. More specifically, we focused on strategies in the Tops + Women's segments - quantifying the level of brand synergy that existed and measured cross-promotion opportunities across all segments (Tops, Bottoms, Women's, Outerwear).


Levi's began a big push to revamp its women's line and strategic investments to diversify the business.  Levi’s priority was to identify products that had high potential but were underdeveloped. Tops and women’s clothing were two of the biggest opportunities - Levi’s relaunched its women’s business, introducing more stretch options, to compete with the rise of athleisure. The result is 2017 is the strongest revenue year the company has had in more than a decade.

I must say the insights/ takeaways are practical and contextual and I really like the flow and tightness of the deck...also wanted you to know that we have already started activating against some of the learnings - using them to inform our Women’s relaunch later this year
— Rakesh Loonawat, Director of Advanced Analytics; Levi's & Co.