Lunchables® was designed in 1985 by Bob Drane as a way for Oscar Mayer to sell more bologna meat.  After organizing focus groups of American mothers, Drane discovered that their primary concern was time.  Working mothers especially were pressed by the time constraints of fixing breakfast for their families as well as packing something for their children to eat at school. 


Summitry created the HONEYCOMB℠ Behavioral Competitive Structure and quantified "Complementary" relationships between food and beverages to derive additional combinations for creating kits.


As a result of Summitry's work, Oscar Mayer was able to introduce more varieties and quadruple the business from $92 million to over $400 million in 5 years.

To me, this was research at its finest – moving from data and sophisticated analytics to judgment and a course of action on initiatives that will show up in the marketplace.
— Mr. Robert Drane, V.P. of New Product Development, Oscar Mayer