The HONEYCOMB℠ portfolio optimization software is based on behavioral data and provides you with a map of How/ Where your brands compete and Who do they source their revenue/ volume from.

Based on advanced Engineering Laws and Statistical Mechanics, the algorithms that have been created are highly powerful and predictive. The software examines and tests behavioral data (which is concrete) and creates what we call a "Behavioral Competitive Structure". This structure identifies the competitive landscape of your Brand Portfolio and is used to assess New Product Opportunity Areas.



EUREKA℠ is our Innovation Software package and focuses on New Product Optimization and New Product Simulation



It is a new product feature optimization software based on highly advanced statistical and mathematical models. Close to 80% of all products fail and EUREKA I℠ was created to avoid the pitfalls of launching new products that fall short of expectations. This powerful software can test millions of product feature/ benefit combinations and identify the "optimal' design while providing the purchase intent scores for every product.



This is a new product simulation software in which a concept/ idea is simulated for a new category, brand, or line extension. New products are simulated using the Behavioral Competitive Structure from HONEYCOMB℠.

The software provides share, volume, and return for new products introduced at any level in the Behavioral Competitive Structure. These inputs can also be modified in order to simulate different gaming scenarios and optimize your new product.   


OASIS℠ is a software package that can be used to allocate budgetary dollars across the marketing mix (traditional and digital), brands and product portfolio in order to maximize volume/ profits.

Real time intelligent competitive gaming to out maneuver your opponent and get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars.

  • Run competitive gaming scenarios by changing the advertising, price, and distribution of any level/ brand in the structure to see the effect on share, volume, and return (simulates simultaneous moves).

  • Run elasticity profiles to see graphs/ tables of volume and return at different levels of advertising, price, promotion, and distribution as well as marginal volume/ return curves (simulates independent moves).

  • Change the "effectiveness" of current brands to simulate the effect of improved products on share, volume, and return.